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TOPINUS – Testing and training operation rooms: integration of user modeling and system analysis

TOPINUS – Testing and training operation rooms: integration of user modeling and system analysis

The focus of the TOPINUS' research groups was the question of how training operating rooms can be used for medical education and training in the future.


The training and education of future doctors and operating room personnel is increasingly taking place in specialized training facilities. Such training rooms must include the elements of common operation rooms, complemented by didactical and analytical components for the optimal training of doctors and OR personnel. Hereby an educator can simulate different scenarios in an operating room in ways that would not be possible in a standard operating room, similar to how pilots practice extreme scenarios in flight simulators.

Course of action

Computer scientists, engineers and economists at ISTT developed concepts for the arrangement of scenarios for testing and training operations and drew up concrete usage scenarios and marketing models. Furthermore, they researched the simulation of medical devices and interfaces for the management and analysis of training processes. The social scientists, pedagogues and psychologists of the working group "Soziales und Gesundheit" (Social Issues and Health) engaged themselves with the different possibilities of using training operation rooms, which can cause an increase in patient safety. They researched the optimization of the training situation for surgeons, the enhancement of communication with patients and the effects of medical images.


The training operating room of the ISTT was set up as a part of project TOPINUS with a control room and the necessary technology for carrying out training courses. Especially the systems FluoroSim and Doc2, developed for the use in training operating rooms, were incorporated in the training operating room at ISTT:

  • Doc2 is a system comprised of hard- and software components that gathers data from various sources during a surgical training and subsequently prepares a feedback for the trainee.
  • FluoroSim is a system for fluoroscopy simulation, which simulates X-ray images in the training operating room without radiation. It exists as a prototype and is used successfully in training courses at ISTT.

Meanwhile, the training operating room is being used successfully in surgical training at ISTT and for the testing of new medical equipment. Furthermore, a patient education film on discectomy has been produced in the training operating room, which has been validated.

Runtime: October 1, 2011 – December 31, 2014
Project leadership: Prof. Dr. Werner Korb, Prof. Dr. Gesine Grande, Prof. Dr. Matthias Sturm
Members of staff: Dr. Gerold Bausch (LaBP), Dr. Luis Bernal, Thomas Boy, Alexander Heil (SUG), Marc Hirschfeld, Peggy Manthey (SUG), Dr. Matthias Romppel (SUG), Nadine Wimmer (SUG)

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